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Gizo also has much to offer above the water...

Ghizo Island
Ghizo Island. Photos : Michael Cufer & Charmaine Anderson

Ghizo Island: Go by boat or walk to Saeraghi village along a scenic coast line to Gizo's most famous beach. Stop at Gilbertese and Melanesian villages along the way, where traditional life still continues.

Kennedy Island: A beautiful small island where US President JF Kennedy and crew of the PT109 were shipwrecked during WWII. Great for snorkelling and beachcombing.

Skull Island: A great day trip to step back in time to the days of head hunting, where you will visit a shrine composed of the skulls of chiefs and warriors. Travelling through the picturesque Vona Vona Lagoon and jungle river tour, the day is completed with lunch alongside the lagoon at Zipolo Habu Resort on Lola Island.

Simbo Island: Bush walk, climb the volcanic crater, and watch the locals cook megadpode eggs in thermal ponds. A breath taking boat trip to Nusa Simbo viewing cascading vines and ferns down dramatic volcanic cliffs. This trip is dependent on favourable conditions.


WWII Tours: For those interested in war history, you can visit an American Tank, Japanese Gun Fort and partially submerged wrecks, or just browse through our books and information folders accumulated from personal research in the US Naval Archives.

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Grenade on Stuart tank Photo: Kevin Deacon and Japanese Gun .

Surfing: Gizo is renowned for two great surf breaks, Titiana Village which is a left hander for the goofy footers and Paeloge is a barrelling right hander. Truly world class surfing during the months of November to April. Check out: http://www.coastalwatch.com/news/article.aspx?articleId=3515&display=0&cateICheck out 'Sufari


Bird Tours: Tours can be organised to locate our endemic bird species on both Ghizo Island and the surrounding region. For an extremely detailed list of 'whats to be found where' following the Birdquest tour of September 2007, click on their link. We are also happy to take individuals who arrive in Gizo unbooked for truck, boat and walking trips . unanouncedWe work with organisations

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Photo: Chris Filardi
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Photo: Chris Filardi

Fishing: Our fishing is provided by Nathan Parkinson of "Local Link" who's 20 years of experience in the Gizo area will give you the best opportunity to catch the fish of your choice.

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Catch of the day!

Kolombangara: A large dormant volcano peak awaits the fit and adventurous trekker. Venture into a natural rainforest towards the breathtaking rim.

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