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Gizo Yacht Regatta

Click here to read the press release about the 2006 Brisbane to Gizo Yacht Rally.

Yacht 1

With the arrival of the yachts from Brisbane the Tomokos paddle into Gizo harbour.

Tomoko 3

The arrival of yachts in Gizo is timed to coincide with the start of The Festival of the Sea- Vakatepe, a week long cultural  event which this year culminates in the impressive sight of Tomoko War Canoes ( see photos) dating back to the head hunting days. After the week long festival the yachts  cruise around the Solomons prior to making their way back home.

2006 Regatta

For more, visit the Gizo Yacht Club: www.gizoyachtclub.com.sb


Pink Jellyfish Medusa Photo
by Fred Baverdam

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